Know your business and focus on what differentiates your company from the competition. Technology should be a tool in your war chest instead of a distraction from critical initiatives. ONLYLogical is a trusted partner for Big Data, M2M, and IoT applications, capable of turning data noise into a data symphony. It’s a jungle out there in the evolving world of enterprise technology – let business rule the data.

We are an experienced engineering and professional services firm focusing on M2M, IOT and Big Data technology solutions. We serve startups as well as mid-size to large enterprise. Our team has strong strategic planning and execution capabilities with an understanding of how to solve complex, large scale technology challenges.

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The ONLYLogical Approach

ONLYLogical utilizes proven technology, mature methodology, and expertise to solve the most audacious problems in data storage, integration, and analytics according to measurable objectives.  We operate across different disciplines and platforms, and from the business layer down to critical infrastructure.  Software engineering is a strength, but we commonly use off the shelf toolsets and frameworks which are appropriate for the given project.  Also, by combining our technical expertise with domain knowledge in target industries ONLYLogical can effectively predict and address customer challenges as they are uncovered.  No customer’s needs are alike and this agility to drive success is paramount. Our solutions always are specified according to tangible business metrics which directly address the customer’s problem at hand.